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Visual Poet Films?

More Than Just a Wedding Video

In a world where wedding videos often become mere visual spectacles—beautiful, yet lacking soul—we're here to offer something different, something real.

Imagine a film that captivates both your eyes and heart, capturing the essence of your love story, from shared laughter to tender glances. We bring your unique love to life, in all its imperfect perfection.

We focus on the details—from mood-setting color grading to music and sound design that enrich your most cherished moments.

Your wedding is more than just a day—it's a tapestry of emotions and moments that deserve to be captured with depth and feeling.

Curious to know more? We invite you to watch our sample films and see for yourself why Visual Poet Films could be the perfect fit for your special day.

Our Work

Kind Words

"Stuart and I are beyond thankful to have such talented friends! Visual Poet Videography did an awesome job creating this for us! I can’t wait to look back at this and relive this day"


"Thank you SO MUCH to Chalom for filming & creating this beautiful video to capture our favourite day"


Official Videography Partner for ABIA Wedding Awards Night

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Capture. Celebrate. Cherish


Starting at $2600.00

Nikki and Steve thumb1.jpg

Collection I

  • 1 Filmmaker

  • ​6 Hours of Coverage

  • 3-4 Minute Highlight Film

Bumm + May t44.jpg

Collection II

  • 1 Filmmakers

  • 8 hours of coverage

  •  5-6 min Highlight Film

  •  30-sec teaser Instagram edit

  •  Full edit of ceremony & Speeches

Tanya + Andy thumb1.jpg

Collection III

  • 2 Filmmakers

  • 12 hours coverage

  •  7-9 min Highlight Film

  •  30-sec teaser Instagram edit

  •  1 min cinematic trailer

  •  Full edit of ceremony & speeches

  • Drone footage

To explore our packages and receive a free video planning guide, simply complete the form below. Let's begin crafting your wedding story.

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Hey there, we're Cherlene and Chalom!

Think of us as your personal love story documentarians. Four years and over 60 weddings ago, we turned our shared passion for love stories into a mission: to capture the unique magic of each and every couple on their special day. And let us tell you, we've been hooked since day one!

When it comes to weddings, we believe in authenticity. Genuine laughter, spontaneous tears of joy, and candid moments of love – these are the precious threads that weave together the fabric of your unique love story. Our philosophy? Ditch the dull and generic. Instead, we embrace a vibrant, modern approach that makes every moment sparkle.

With us behind the lens, your comfort is key. We want to help you relax, be yourselves and truly immerse in the magic of the moment. Because at the end of the day, our films aren't just about documenting your wedding day – they're about capturing the heart of your journey, your love, and your joy.

So, ready for a wedding film that defies the conventional, one that's as fun, unique, and beautiful as your love story? Let's create some magic together.

Cherlene and Chalom

noomkatang wedding 2_edited_edited.jpg


Do I really need a Video? In short, yes. There's an undeniable magic to having a wedding film. It's one thing to have photographs, but a film brings your memories to life in a way that no other medium can. It's a sentiment we hear from couples all the time: "The day just went by so quickly." And it's true. There will be moments you'll miss, instances you won't remember - but a film captures them all. With a wedding film, you get to relive the day in its entirety - the emotions, the laughter, the joy. You'll find yourself moved to tears as you hear your vows again, laughing at your best friend's speech, and catching all those delightful, unexpected moments that happened when you weren't looking. So, do you need a wedding film? If you want to experience all the love, joy, and magic of your day over and over again, our answer is a resounding yes.

We don't live in Sydney, do you travel? Absolutely! If you're within and hour and half of Sydney, the travel is included. Outside of that we would need to give a quote based on the package and distance. But we are pretty reasonable with our travel prices because we LOVE travelling. We are available Australia wide and are definitely happy to travel overseas to capture your special day!

What's the benefit of having a second videographer? While having a single videographer can successfully capture your wedding day, a second videographer can add a broader perspective and depth to your wedding film. They can film different angles, cover simultaneous events, and allow for more creativity in the editing process. However, this decision ultimately depends on the complexity of your wedding, the size of your guest list, and your specific vision for your wedding film. We are more than happy to discuss this further to help you make the best choice for your unique needs.

Can I add more hours to a Package if needed? Absolutely, all our packages are flexible. For example, if you want Package 1 but need 8 hours of coverage instead of 6, we can easily add 2 extra hours for you. Just like any other add-ons, we're happy to customize your package to meet your needs.

What about music? I choose music from a variety of sources which is all licensed for online use. Commercial songs cost thousands to get licensed, so no I don't use any top hits unless you want to give me another couple of thousand of course.

Deposit We require a 30% deposit to secure your booking. This allows us to confirm that you are totally keen to have us there for your day! The rest isn't due until the wedding day, but we highly encourage you to pay before then because who wants to be thinking about money on their wedding day? No one.

What is your policy on refunds and cancellations? When booking with us, the contract you sign includes a clause on deposit forfeiture in case of any cancellation, which is standard practice in the wedding industry. We empathize with any changes in plans, but since we reserve your date, we cannot guarantee it will be rebooked. We recommend reading the contract thoroughly to avoid disappointment. If your wedding is postponed and we can accommodate the new date, your deposit can be transferred. However, if we're unavailable on the rescheduled date, the deposit will be forfeited.

Bumm + May t45_edited.jpg
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